Thursday, August 25, 2011

Badminton Is Interesting!

Recently in the past few weeks, we had a opportunity to learn how to play badminton.We started to practice some skills, the skills were fore hand, back hand and all sorts of
other skills. After a while, we started to challenge our self to see if we could do it. It was
so exciting!

When we first started to practice badminton, it was so difficult and we were allstruggling because it was our first go at it. We struggled at first, but then we started to get
better at it. I never knew that when you hit the shuttle, the round part of it is facing
towards you.

Badminton soccer is so fun and knowledgeable at the same time! We started toplay the game of badminton soccer, and it was kind of challenging. As we hit the shuttle
everyone was encouraging each other to hit it. Is this game interesting? Well to me it is!

I would like to play badminton soccer again some day in the future! Badminton isa wonderful game to play. This game of badminton is really interesting!

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