Monday, May 21, 2012

Artistic Styles!


During our immersion week we looked at the painting styles of some of the most famous artists. We learned some things about them over the time we had our immersion week.

Claude Monet
Firstly we looked at the impressionist movement. This movement was led by a group of French artists the most well known of which is Claude Monet. He was born on the fourteenth of November 1840 in Paris, unfortunately he died on December the fifth 1926. Claude Monet is a impressionist artist! Often impressionist used still life objects as their subjects.

Vincent Van Gogh
Vincent Van Gogh a dutch painter he was one of the most famous painters in modern art. Vincent Van Gogh wasn’t well known while he was alive sadly, he only sold one of his paintings during his lifetime which was called “The Red Vineyard”.

He was born on March the 30th 1893, in the village of Groot-Zundert, near breda, Netherlands. He spent 16 years of his life there, before moving to the hague with his uncle and he is an art dealer also his brother Theo.

Fauvism is a style of art that was used by French artist. Fauvism was well known in the 1905 to the 1907. The style of this painting is painted with intense colour and rapid brushstrokes. These painters used lots of bold patterns, bright colours and some brush work.

Pablo Picasso was one of Spain's greatest and well known artist. His artistic talents were noticed when he was nine years old. Pablo Picasso’s art is called “Cubism.

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