Friday, October 28, 2011

Immersion Assembly (Outta This World)

Ive just came back from a long holiday, and I am looking forward to a great term! This Term started off great with an awesome theme (Outta This World). All of the performance’s were amazing!

Team ones video clip was all about the sun! They did a video clip about it because, they are studying about sun, and about the other planets. Team ones video clip was all about the sun but, it was great!

Team two’s performance was great! I liked team two’s performance because, they did a little groove and, the name of the planets were shown on the screen. I really liked how they performed that!

After a while team five came up, and it was a laughable moment! Their group name was called District Five. Team five dressed up really funny, mostly Mr Harris because he was a princess! Their video clip was entertaining to me!

All the teams entertained us really well! The term started off really great!

Friday, October 7, 2011

My Term 3 Highlights

I liked this term because, we got to do all sorts of stuff that connects to the rugby world cup. This term was fun! We got to do something really cool during this term.

During this term, we had to do this interesting thing with foam. My class room and I were drawing things that connect to, the rugby world cup on the foam. I really like doing that because, when we finish it really looks cool. That's what I really liked about this term!

What was really fun during this term was, Aussie Rules! Aussie Rules is fun to me because it's what I like, I like sports. It was really fun during the term when we had Aussie Rules!

This term was really awesome! I really hope that we get to do stuff like that next term!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Typing Tutor Progress

This is a picture about my typing lesson that I have completed from the past few weeks. I have been learning my typing skills, so I can become better at typing.