Monday, September 10, 2012

The Exhausting Run!

It was a really tiring moment of the day because, we had cross country. As soon as we crossed the starting line, I was standing on the field feeling nervous. While I was zooming through the muddy puddles it felt gooey and slimy.
Jogging slowly across the field, I could feel my shoes getting heavier and heavier. Splish splash as I was going past the mud, I could feel it going above my knees. While the mud was splashing it felt really gooey and sticky.
By the time I got to the bushes I was running on a very slippery  and rocky surface. Not long from running through the bushes, I could hear Mr Jacobson talking on the microphone. That was a signal how I knew it was the end. It was a relief getting out of the bushes!
Finally it was over! As I finished the cross country I didn’t feel nervous at all. At the end I was so glad that I participated in this year’s cross country.

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