Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Last Netball Game!

On Tuesday night we had a netball game, and we played against St Marys, St Marys were really good at playing netball. We were losing at first, but then we became better and we got a higher score. When I started running during the second quarter, a girl from St Marys pushed me by accident, and I twisted my ankle, but I pushed my hardest to run and catch the ball.

My netball team and I, were working as a team so we could have a better chance of winning. We went on the court and that's what we did, we worked as a team. Our netball team all had a good passes and awesome shooting. Hossanah and Vanila are good at shooting, they both were awesome at shooting. To me netball is a great sport to play, it is a wonderful game!

We won our game on Tuesday night, even though St Marys team lost, they were still good at playing. We won because we had strong passes and our shooters were good at shooting.
"We won our game!"

I turned out to be the player of the day! I got surprised because I never knew that I was going to be the player of the day. Netball is a interesting game! Next year I will try out netball again.

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