Friday, September 30, 2011

Aussie Rules!

During the recent past, we have been doing Aussie Rules with Megan, Alica and Johnny. When we did Aussie Rules we were playing exciting games! I like Aussie Rules because we get to learn more Australian skills that we haven't learnt before.

These are the skills we have been practicing, the chest mark, spectacular, drop punt, hand pass and other stuff. Those were really simple skills. I really liked learning those skills because we haven't tried them before.

We played games with Johnny, and we had a great time. The games we played were Octopus, and a game that we had to do the drop hunt. Both those games were quite fun to play! I really liked playing those games!

I really liked having Aussie rules! Aussie rules was really fun and, I hope that we get to do something like that next year.

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