Friday, May 6, 2011

Fantastic Tech About Wood...

I've just come back from a long holiday, and I am looking forward to a perfect term. When I got to school, I thought that we were going to the immersion assembly, but no we went to technology. I got to Tamaki College, and I was so exited because we had tech.

This term I am in woodworking. It is wonderful being in this group because I like to learn about interesting things! When we got to Tamaki College, I went to wood tech with my new teacher, Mr Grundy. First, we had to make a plan of what we are doing for the whole term. This includes making a chair and stuff out of wood! Next week, my wood tech class might be working with wood.

Mr Grundy told us that we could make a chair, a truck, a pencil holder , and all sorts of stuff to do with wood. He also told us that we had to do housing joints with our wood work so that our work will stick on our wood. He told us to do housing joints so we could get a higher mark.

I got so shocked when Mr Grundy got a chisel and cut some paper with it.
After a while I got shocked again because if he told us that if we dropped the chisel, it might fall on toes, and then Mr Grundy said that it might cut your toes right off.

I really like the group that I am in this term. I hope that I will get a high mark in woodwork.

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